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My online journal (at LiveJournal) is [info]beowabbit, and that page is a much better way than this one to keep up with what’s going on in my life. If you want, you can even keep up with what’s going on in my friends’ lives.

OK, I decided this page looked too sterile with just links, so I should put some more text on it. I’m a 43-year-old bi, poly geek who grew up in the Midwest but has become thoroughly rooted in the Boston area. I helped found Poly Boston, and maintain its mailing list. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the time to attend Biversity Boston’s bi brunches as often as I used to, but I hope to fix that. I’m a Unix systems administrator by profession. I enjoy astronomy, reading, travel, folk and classical music, and languages and linguistics. I like spicy food. I give good backrubs and bad puns. I follow current events closely and am really interested in history. I’m towards the left end of the US political spectrum.

I’m very much a people person, and my friends and family (chosen and of origin) mean a lot to me. I spend lots of time with my partner and beloved honeywuzzle Mare, who lives almost at the other end of the Red Line in Somerville. I’m also still very close friends with my ex Zeph.

Other important people in my life have been Tigris, with whom I shared a household for the better part of a decade, and Tom, who moved in with us around 1998. (We all owned a big old victorian house in Malden together for several years; Tigris and Tom moved to Hawai‘i in 2001, and Tom moved back to the area in 2005, but Tigris likes the weather in Honolulu.) This means I get to visit Hawai‘i whenever I can afford to.

If you want to know where I get my wacky ideas, you can see some books I’ve read and some of my book (and e-book) recommendations. That page is ancient at this point, but I sometimes talk about books I’m reading on my journal.

I’ve got a section with information about restaurants, cafés, beds-and-breakfasts, and the like in cities I visit (or live in). This is stuff like phone numbers, directions, and scanned menus. It’s only got a few places now, but I’ve got a lot I want to put in it. Boston’s probably going to have the most stuff listed, of course.

I write lots of little scripts and tools, and have written an editor (and some other stuff) in Tcl/Tk. (This has barely been maintained for the past decade.) I use an Android phone and tablet, and have compiled a big list of Android apps I have used for my own and other people’s reference.

I have a lot of opinions, and I’ll tell you about them if you don’t watch out.

Here’s an old picture of me (with short hair and beard, so no longer accurate) in amazing 3­D, for cross­eyed people or for wall­eyed people (both 36K GIFs).

If you want more pictures (and not just of me), you can check out my photo gallery.

Rough history

(Note the large gaps. Since I started using LiveJournal I haven’t maintained this page as much as I’d like.)
2012.05.12: added Jay’s Big List of Android Apps
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2009.12.01: brought cursorily up to date; removed dated snark about Robert Mugabe and George W. Bush.
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2000.11.16: made archival link to election rant
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2000.05.03: fixed the Poly Boston links (no longer under my home page)
1999.12.26: added the Astronomy page
1999.12.18: added the Tools page.
1999.10.04: updated Home and household page to reflect our move; added a gallery page about Kodi.
1999.06.11: added Poly Boston page (under poly/; I’ll be moving some of the sexuality stuff under bi/ and poly/ in upcoming months^H^H^H^H^H^Hyears^H^H^H^H^Hdecades).
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