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Typography and calligraphy

I don't get much time to do this any more, but I used to do a lot of calligraphy and some font design. One of these days when I get some more time I want to learn METAFONT better, and maybe put together some Tk­based tools to help design METAFONTs.

To some extent, my interest in typography is related to my interest in foreign languages and writing systems. When I had access to a Mac running Fontographer, I designed a Cyrillic PostScript font somewhat similar to Helvetica. There are Mac and NeXT versions floating out there. Unfortunately, the font layout was completely nonstandard and peculiar, and relied to some extent on details of the Mac keyboard. Also, I no longer have the source, so I couldn't fix it even if I could get Fontographer installed on my machine. :-) (I have a copy of Fontographer for Windows, but Windows hangs when I try to install it. *Sigh*. I wish there were a version of Fontographer for Linux.)

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