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`I had to play Brahms, Schubert, Bach and Schumann, but none of them fascinated me enough to go and buy their albums.' - Eithne Ní Bhraonáin (Enya)
My new favourite band is this wonderful Finnish band called Värttinä. They sing Finnish folk-rock with amazing vocals. They're my first exposure to Finnish music, and I don't know how typical they are, but their stuff sounds a little akin to Celtic music and a lot akin to Balkan (yes, Balkan, not Baltic) folk music, especially Bulgarian or Yugoslav women's folk music. There are also hints of Jazz in it. It's amazing stuff. The singing is really fast and energetic, and the lyrics have a lot of alliteration and internal rhyme. I don't know if I'd have this reaction if I could understand the words, but some of it sounds like Irish mouth music. If I could take only one CD with me to a desert island (this is a desert island equipped with AC power and a good stereo system, mind you!), it might well be one of theirs.

I've got three of their albums, Vihma (their latest), Aitara, and Seleniko, and my life isn't complete yet 'cause I haven't heard the others. :-)

Some Värttinä links:

I like folk music of various kinds, especially Celtic folk music. I also like Western classical and `New Age'. Favourite musicians and groups of mine include: And Heidi has introduced me to Alanis Morissette.

Some other resources related to the kinds of music I like include:

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