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`I can more easily believe that two Yankee professors lie than accept the notion stones can fall from heaven.' - Thomas Jefferson, 1808 (on the report of a meteorite)

`Note that the above numbers are valid for a 2 km asteroid made out of wood.' - Daniel Silevitch <dmsilev@eta.pha.jhu.edu> on sci.astro (taken quite out of context)

I have a great fascination with astronomy, and consider myself lucky to live in a time when my species is making so many amazing astronomical discoveries. If I had my life to live over again, I might well become an astronomer. (At the moment it's an unlikely leap, since I have a particularly deficient background in math.)

Here are some of my favourite astronomy-related web sites:

Pretty pictures

Extrasolar planets

Sky maps

General astronomy education

More links to follow...
Jay's home page
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