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I make frequent road trips, often with my housemate Heidi (new URL). I really like driving. I also really like the sense of continental scale, of living on the surface of a planet, that I get from making long trips. Places I tend to travel include: In March 1996, Heidi and I visited friends in Durban, South Africa. I haven't written up this trip yet (hope to soon), but I've scanned in some pictures - mostly from our trip to the Umfolozi-Hluhluwe game preserve. Over winter break 1994/95, Heidi and I took drove to Mexico together. This was excellent; I want to go back! :-) I've written up a description of this trip, and scanned in a bunch of photographs. A few months previously, we had taken a weekend trip to Montréal, which was also delightful, so in 1994 we did the NAFTA tour. :-) (Don't tell Ross Perot!) Over the Fourth of July weekend 1995, we took a trip to the Acorn intentional community in Virginia to visit my friend Ivy. A little more information about intentional community is on my Home and housemates page.

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You'll also want to check out my gallery pages, which have photos from (among other things) various trips I've taken. I just discovered the following interesting-looking site in September 2000: Maybe it'll give me ideas for new places to visit.
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