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The Agenda VR3 PDA

What is it?

The Agenda VR3 is a Linux-based PDA using a MIPS CPU similar to those used in Windows CE machines. For now, I wouldn't recommend one over a Palm for PDA functionality, but it's a neat hacking platform, and likely to improve quickly, since all the software is open-source.


I keep my more frequently used bookmarks at http://www.aq.org/, and there are a bunch of Agenda bookmarks there at http://www.aq.org/agenda.html. Rather than try to maintain the same information in two places (one of which is sure to become stale), I'll just point there.

My experiences with the Agenda

Agenda software builds

The Agenda ships with a cross-compiler for Intel Linux, so it's easy to get started building stuff for it.

TEA Total

I didn't see any encryption software available, and I use things like Secret and Secure Memo Pad on my Palm to hide things like web site passwords and the combination to the lock on our barn. So I found an appropriate-looking piece of software, TEA Total, and built it for the Agenda. I also added a few convenience scripts to minimise the amount of typing. There's no GUI - I'd like to add one, but that will require learing C++ and FLTK. For now, you just run the stuff in the Agenda's terminal application (a modified RXVT). Please let me know if you find this useful or if you have suggestions for improvement.
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