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Although I'm a pretty heavy geek in a lot of ways, a lot of my interests fall in the social sciences. I'm interested in history, sociology, and psychology (which I see as interrelated - the thing that interests me most about history is the variability of human society and what is taken for human nature over time). Most of the nonfiction I read is in those areas. My undergraduate degree was in linguistics, and I'm still interested in linguistics, as well as in foreign languages.

I follow politics and current events (especially international news) pretty closely. (I listen to the BBC a lot.) My politics are fairly leftist by US standards.

Recently (in the past year or so) I've gotten really interested in astronomy again. I've always had sort of a background interest in it, and when I was little I wanted to be an astronomer for a while, but the collision of a comet with Jupiter, recent discoveries of planets circling other stars, and the possible discovery (though now looking very unlikely) that Mars may once have had microscopic life have rekindled my interest.

I used to do a lot of calligraphy, but I haven't had time for it in a while. I'm also something of a type and typography afficionado.

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