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(Links on this page are generally to a Barnes and Noble page for paper books, or to a site with Doc-format files — usually www.macduff.net — for electronic books which I read on my Pilot. I used to link to amazon.com, but for a number of reasons I’m very unhappy with them and recommend that you buy elsewhere if possible. I’m not thrilled about Barnes and Noble, either, just because they drive smaller independent booksellers out of business, but I’m less unhappy with them than with Amazon.)

One of the reasons I maintain this page is that I like talking about books I’ve read or (especially) am reading. So if you’ve read one of these and you’d like to talk about it, feel free to send me mail. (If you know me in real life, feel free also to ask to borrow any of the paper books.)

Recently read

(I’ve decided to move this section up to the top since the first few entries of this section are what changes the most frequently. You can see the books I’m currently in the middle of below under Current reading, and my Recommendations are at the bottom. I should probably break this into several pages.)

These are books I’ve read in the recent past:

Current reading

The following are the books I’m currently in the middle of:


These are books I’ve read in the past which I particularly recommend: See also my Books and reading page for a few of my favourite authors.
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