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Bill Kendrick's Brickout for iPAQ Linux

This is my extremely quick-and-dirty build of Bill Kendrick's Brickout game (version 2002.06.09). He originally wrote it for the Agenda VR3, but it builds fine for X11 (using nothing but Xlib). He then extended it to support SDL (so for a desktop Linux box you can build it either with plain X11 or with SDL) and ported it to the Zaurus under Qtopia with SDL. (Incidentally, if you run OPIE instead of GPE on your iPAQ, you might see if Bill's Zaurus build will run; if you've got SDL, it might.)

All I did for this was unpack the source on a skiffcluster machine, and type “make host” to build the Xlib-only version. Here are the problems with that:

I took a quick look at the source, and all of these limitations seem pretty easy to fix (nice clean clear code). If nobody else gets to it before me, I may take a stab at it at some point. In the meantime, here's the stuff: If I get around to actually tweaking it for Familiar Linux, I'll build an ipkg.
Jay Sekora <js+ipaq@aq.org>
last modified 2002.11.06