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Bill Kendrick's Agendaroids for iPAQ Linux

This is my extremely quick-and-dirty build of Bill Kendrick's Agendaroids game. He originally wrote it for the Agenda VR3, but it builds fine for X11 (using nothing but Xlib). (He has a nicer version called Vectoroids that uses SDL and supports colour and sound, but I don't have SDL on my iPAQ, so I built this one.)

I made only one change to the source, to allow the use of the joypad down button to fire in addition to the spacebar, since the iPAQ doesn't have a button that maps to the space bar by default. The other controls are left and right to rotate the ship and up to fire. (You have to tap `START' on the screen to start unless you have a space bar.)

Here's the stuff:

Yes, I should make an ipkg.
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