Kevin's page

In these pages, you will find the number one hit on Google for zendobun, boggle tournament, perl jotto, jotto programming, c-3po vegetable, and "kosher soy yogurt". If you know of any more, please let me know.

Kevin's Compendium of Useless Fantasia

A monthly compendium of some of my creative (and not-so-creative) efforts. Started August 1, 2002. Finished August 1, 2003. R.I.P.


The five-letter word game. Includes a daily Jotto puzzle.


Links to free online speculative fiction magazines.

Online Crosswords

Links to and mini-reviews of some online crossword puzzles.

C-3PO's Vegetable Vacation Photos

See the pictures of C-3PO's trip to the planet of giant vegetables. (I picked up a friend's share in a local farm one week, and this was my way of documenting what was in it that week.)


Information about my Boggle tournament.


Some poetry I have written.


Some non-poetry I have written.


A version of Zendo that uses sentences instead of Icehouse pieces.

Martian Bubbles

A game I made that uses Icehouse pieces.


Sites I regularly visit.


You probably don't want to see this. Seriously.

Last modified: 19 December 2003