I have been known to write poetry. I wrote my first poem at the age of 15, on a spring-break trip to France with the French club. As you can imagine, I was distraught over a girl (and, yes, I do remember her name).

Since then, I've written poetry off and on, sometimes in times of extreme emotion, and sometimes just for fun.

I will start posting poems that I have up here. I have the poems I wrote in France, including my first one, since I kept a journal on that trip. I have some others in electronic format, and some others are lost on scraps of paper somewhere.

I have a page of my haiku, and a page of my other poetry. They don't include any of my older stuff, yet.

ArtBeat 2002 happened in the middle of July. I agreed to take part in an art cafe there, where people came in and ordered a piece of art, and artists created pieces of art quickly. I wrote some poetry for it. I asked a friend for a topic, in order to get some practice. I ended up with the beginnings of a song, which I'm very happy with.


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Last modified: 24 July 2003