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Aquasphère is a flotation therapy centre; you go there to rent time in flotation baths - baths in private rooms filled with salts so that you float effortlessly in the water. The temperature of the water and the air is controlled so it's very comfortable and you don't really have much of a sense of a boundary where the water ends and the air begins. The room is dark (although there's a light you can turn on to get in or out, or if you decide you've had too much of the womb experience :-), and you can either have silence or have them pipe in music you choose. It's very restful and relaxing.

The little private rooms with the baths have a dressing room, a shower between the dressing room and the bath, and then the room with the bath, which is considerably larger than an ordinary bathtub so you can stretch out your arms without touching the walls.

As of when I was there, they charged $35.00 (Canadian, of course) for an hour session, with discounts for purchasing several sessions in advance.

They also provide other `holistic health services', such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy. They sell books, New Age music, and aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies and rent videotapes.

Their flyer says they have a home page at http://www.ottawa.net/~aqua/, but I wasn't able to connect to that server when I tried.

Their phone number is 613/241-7001 and their address is

        24 Clarence St
        Ottawa, ON
        K1N 5P3

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