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Buddha’s Delight and Buddha’s Delight Too!

Buddha’s Delight and Buddha’s Delight Too! are a pair of wonderful vegetarian Vietnamese restaurants in Boston’s Chinatown and in Brookline. The menu offers things like ‘Vermicelli with “BBQ Pork” and spring rolls’ (my personal favourite), but even when the items aren’t in italics with quotation marks, they don’t actually have meat in them. Some of the dishes are similar enough to meat dishes to make a confirmed carnivore like me happy, and some of them are quite removed from anything that walketh on two legs, or four, or flieth, or swimmeth, but most are very yummy. When Tigris and I go there, one or the other of us usually has the vermicelli with ‘pork’ and spring rolls I mentioned above, and she has a jackfruit shake and I have jackfruit on ice.

In Brookline

The Brookline restaurant is at 404 Harvard St., near (north, I think) Coolidge Corner, and the phone number is 739-8830. The service and atmosphere at the Brookline location are better than in Chinatown; the food is the same.


(This map is courtesy of www.vicinity.com.)

In Chinatown

The Chinatown restaurant is at 3 Beach St. (They recently moved from next door — their new space is a lot nicer than their old one.) I think their phone number is still 617/451­2395, but I’m not certain of that.

By public transit

(You may want to consult the MBTA’s map and fare information. Chinatown is on the Orange line.)

By private transit

Warning: Boston’s Chinatown epitomises the New England saying, ‘Y’cahn’t get theah f’m heah.’ The streets are one­way (and may change direction unexpectedly) and very narrow, and parking is difficult. Your best bet is to find Chinatown (which in itself is pretty easy), wander around trying not to kill too many pedestrians until you find a parking lot, park, and get out and find Tyler St. on foot. From the downtown area, you can take Washington St. The Chinatown exit off I­93 also works.


(These maps are courtesy of www.vicinity.com.)


The images below are the Buddha’s Delight menu (shared by the two stores), scanned in at 85dpi. Let me know if you have trouble reading them. They are significantly out of date! I believe the dishes (and corresponding numbers) are mostly correct, but the prices have increased. (Thanks to Shane for calling this to my attention.) I’ll try to get newer menus posted shortly.

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