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Baraka Café

Baraka Café is a wonderful Tunisian restaurant on Pearl St in Cambridge, a few blocks outside Central Square. I usually have lamb there, but I was introduced to it by my vegetarian friend Derek, so non-carnivores and carnivores alike should be able to find wonderful food on the menu. It’s small, with only about eight tables, but I rarely have to wait at all and have never had to wait long. (I’ve also never seen it close to empty.) The woman who usually waits tables, who I think is either one of the owners or married to one of the owners, is very warm and friendly and welcoming, and has been known to tell me I can’t order the same thing as my dining companion because it won’t make sense to share if we get the same thing. So she told me what I should get instead and I loved it. It’s a different kind of vibe from most restaurants. :-)

Baraka Café is at 80 ½ Pearl St, Cambridge, MA 02138, on the left-hand side as you’re walking away from Central Square. The storefront is narrow and the sign is small, so it’s easy to miss. The phone number is 617 868 3951. Their business card says they have a web site at http://www.barakacafe.com/, but there’s nothing there currently. (It also says their food is halal.)

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