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xmahjongg for iPAQ Linux

One thing I really missed from my Palm when I switched to the iPAQ was Tan Kok Mun's PalmJongg (since renamed P-Jongg, presumably because Palm's trademark lawyers are jerks :-). So I was delighted to find a port of Eddie Kohler's xmahjongg for the iPAQ - the file xmahjongg_3.0b_arm.ipk at http://ipaq.geekserve.org/ (Damien Tanner's feed, although I'm not sure he buil the ipk himself).

Unfortunately, that package was built against an older version of the C++ library than the current Familiar distribution ships with, and whether for that reason or for some other reason it generally crashes only a few moves into a game. So I rebuilt the xmahjongg binary myself from source, and it works. Update 2002.01.06: Thanks to quite a lot of help from Eddie Kohler, I've constructed smaller versions of all the UI elements, so everything fits on the screen - buttons, counter, and little yellow pips that tell you how many matches there are currently.

I've also worked a bit on some tilesets. I don't have anything I'm quite happy with yet; when I do, I'll put together a complete ipk with this binary and a few tilesets. In the meantime, if you're jonesin' for Mah Jongg, you can install my binary on top of the ipk from Damien's feed like so:

And that should do it.
Jay Sekora <js+ipaq@aq.org>
last modified 2002.11.06