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Tea Total for iPAQ Linux

When I started using a Linux PDA (the Agenda VR3), I didn't see any encryption software available, and I used apps like Secret and Secure Memo Pad on my Palm to hide things like web site passwords and the combination to the lock on our barn. So I found an appropriate-looking piece of software, TEA Total, and built it for the Agenda. I also added a few convenience scripts to minimise the amount of typing.

When I switched to the iPAQ, I had some trouble building TEA Total for it, but the author came to my assistance and I got it built.

On the Agenda there was no GUI, but since the iPAQ comfortably runs Tcl/Tk, I whipped together a quick one.

I believe there's some Federal paperwork I'll need to fill out before I can make binaries available, but in the meantime if you're a US or Canadian citizen, you can send me email and ask for the binaries.

Please let me know if you find this useful or if you have suggestions for improvement.
Jay Sekora <js+ipaq@aq.org>
last modified 2002.01.22