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The Contacts (addressbook) application

The Contacts application, analogous to the PalmOS Address Book, is the most robust, functional, and responsive of the Agenda PIM applications. That's fortunate, because that's what I rely on the most. It's quite comparable to the PalmOS Address Book. I found it a bit slow out-of-the-box, but after I turned off syslogd and Launchpad, it became entirely responsive enough for my comfort. I've got about 600 entries in it.

It's got a bit more functionality than the PalmOS Address Book, actually: it has more types of phone numbers it supports (e.g. home fax), has a place for URLs, and supports two addresses per record rather than just one.


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Bugs and annoyances

Since all the software is GPLed and these sound like fairly small tweaks, they should be easy to fix.
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Last modified 2001.06.26.