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(The following is a lightly edited copy of my ad on Craigslist, copied here for linking since Craigslist postings don’t have long-term stable URLs.)

Large room in nice duplex near Quincy Center, $800/mo utilities included

Seeking roommate to fill a fairly large bedroom (11½' x 13' = 150 ft²) in a 2 bedroom house (half of a duplex) in Quincy, 15 minutes’ walk from the Quincy Center T station. $800/mo includes all utilities (except cable; there’s no cable TV currently and you’d need to arrange for that yourself). Laundry in the basement, and the house has the world’s cutest wee tiny little dishwasher. Lots of off-street parking. Hardwood floors. Available furnished or unfurnished, your preference.

A cat lives in the house, and another cat might be possible, subject to her approval. Fish or reptiles in a terrarium would certainly be fine.

I’m friendly, respectful, fairly quiet, and generally easy to get along with. I’m a system administrator at MIT, and spend a fair amount of time at my partner’s place in Somerville. I listen to NPR (and the kind of music you hear on NPR). I tend to be up late, but very quiet in the evenings. My partner and my ex (and best friend) are both over for dinner pretty frequently, but we’re fairly quiet. Once in a while I host a dinner party or a games night.

No smoking in the house (not even in February snowstorms), but there’s a covered porch (as well as a large deck).

The room is available as of March 1st; perhaps a couple days earlier. Only the first month’s rent is required to move in. (Last in advance would be nice if you have it, but is not required. There’s no security deposit.)