Boggle Tournament Email

Here is the text of the email invite that I sent out on June 22, 2002:

What: Boggle Tournament
When: Sunday, June 30th, 3:30 PM (No admittance before 3:00)
Where: Loring Greenough House, 12 South St., Jamaica Plain, MA
Why: I've always wanted to have a Boggle tournament.
How: - Please play the test rounds on the web page and 
send me your scores and, if possible, your word lists. These will not count for the 
tournament, but I hope to use them for initial pairings.
RSVP: Please. I want to have an idea of how many people, how many rounds this will 
take, etc. Of course, if you find yourself with nothing to do on the 30th and haven't 
RSVPed, come by anyway.

Some anticipated questions:

Q: I'm too lazy. Is it okay if I don't do the test rounds?
A: Yes. Please come anyway and we'll figure it out.

Q: What is the format of the tournament going to be?
A: I haven't figured that out yet. Watch the web site for updates, or propose a format 
to me if you have any ideas.

Q: What size Boggle board will be used for the tournament?
A: I plan on using 5x5 boards for the tournament. I also plan on using a 4-letter word 
minimum, even though I've mostly been playing with a 5-letter minimum. If this bothers 
you, speak up. Depending on timing and such, we might be able to do both, or maybe 
we'll just do whichever one the majority wants to do. If there is interest, I would 
also be happy to do a 4x4 tournament or mini-tournament.

Q: Should I bring my own Boggle set?
A: If you would like to, sure. I will have a number of Boggle sets there, so please 
make sure you either label yours or keep it with you at all times. I may be asking some 
specific people to bring their Big Boggle sets, depending on the size of the response 
for this.

Q: What the hell is the Loring Greenough House?
A: It's an historic house/museum in the middle of Jamaica Plain. My friends are 
caretakers there, and they have generously agreed to host the tournament, since they 
have plenty of space. Note that the reason for not allowing admittance before 3:00 is 
that there will be tours of the house going on.

Q: How long will this last?
A: I don't know. It depends on how many people are there and how I decide to organize 
it. While I could probably play Boggle all night, I expect it to be done within 2 hours 
or less.

Q: How much does this cost?
A: Nothing.

Q: Are there any prizes?
A: See above. Actually, I may try to dig through my house and scrounge up some 
crap^H^H^H^H fabulous prizes.

Q: What about food?
A: I may provide some small bit of snackish material and beverage. If you will 
absolutely need to eat or you will die, then I suggest bringing something for yourself, 
or bring something to share if you like. I imagine that there will be a sufficient 
number of people to drag to one of the fine eateries after the tournament.

Q: I am unfamiliar with Jamaica Plain and/or I don't like to use MapQuest. How do I get 
to Loring Greenough House?
A: Check out for directions.

Boggle Tournament
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