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Here are direcitons I was given for the Loring Greenough House. If are unable to get there with these directions or with MapQuest, then email me.

Directions from Storrow Drive to The Loring Greenough House, 12 South St., Jamaica 
Plain, MA.:

From Storrow Drive eastbound or westbound take the Fenway/US 1 exit.

At the first traffic light, turn right onto Boylston St.

Follow Boylston St. to the end (you just passed Star Market on the left).

Take a slight left onto Brookline Ave.

At the 6th taffic light, take a left onto the Riverway.

Stay on the Riverway as it becomes the Jamaica Way and eventually becomes the Arborway.

The road splits as it becomes the Arborway.

At the next traffic light, go straight through, this short stretch of road leads to a 

On the rotary take the third exit. This exit is very quickly on the heels of the second 
exit. Don't be afraid to go around the rotary once to familiarize yourself with the 
proper exit.

This exit off the rotary is only about 50 feet from a traffic light. Go straight 
through this light, this puts you on Center St.

Go straight through the next light until you come to the stop sign at the monument. 
Across the street, slightly to the left, is a large museum yellow with green shutters. 
This is the Loring Greenough House. Directly across the street from the stop sign is 
the driveway.

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Last modified: 22 June 2002